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In the ever-changing world, what keeps communication going is the continuous stream of thoughts and ideas, and spreading of those ideas. As a young amateur blogger, I want to utilise the internet to share my ideas, experiences, struggles, and views through blogs. On this website, you will find blogs about many things, however, more oriented towards the optimistic point of view of a young man from the big city of Bangalore who is facing the real world and has to find his way among life, career, passion, interests, relationships and responsibilities.

This website, that I started out to just blog about random things, has now become a medium of expressing something I have had in mind for a long time. This website is host to my very first work of Literature, my novel – Hand In Hand.

I will make sure that I blog as frequently as possible, and keep you guys updated.

Stay tuned, for more.

-The Amateur Blogger


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