This is probably the first time I am blogging, but I hope it adds a good impression. There are a lot of people who write a lot of blogs, and pretty good ones too. But why a new one?

Struggling through two years of Pre-University, putting in a lot of effort to manage my performance in both PUC and other competitive exams that I was keen on, is a daunting task. In the last two eventful years, the new college atmosphere threw light on the areas that needed a push in my life, along with academic excellence. One of them was improving my communication skills and writing aptitude. Since then, the desire to voice my thoughts, views and ideas to the world grew, at its own pace.

When the 2014 elections came into the limelight, with our PM Modi making such impressive communication with the nation, I realised the need for effective communication. So here it is, my means of communicating ideas, visions, and much more with a larger community than what I could reach out in the past.

So, the blogs here onward will be on many topics, and hopefully, a little random. Keep looking for the next one. Until then, ciao!!

Karthik K R


  1. Good Start Karthik! All the very best to your new venture! Blog you ideas to make a lasting impact! 🙂

  2. Keep it going dude!!!

    Communication yes it is they way ahead!!

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