Hey folks, I am back with my second blog. The last Sunday, I happened to write one of the toughest entrance exams of the nation, THE JEE ADVANCED and be assured, it was not a cakewalk. 😛 Along with that, I wrote CET, AIPMT, and JEE MAINS, all in about 50 days. Frankly speaking, I was relieved at my deliverance and prayed for those who were giving a ton other exams hoping to open every door they could see. Their plight set me thinking.

The two years of my College  basically pivoted about my career. I had an ambition in mind. Becoming an entrepreneur in the industry was (and is) my ultimate challenge. Till my tenth grade, I was well-known in my family for having fixed upon a new career option everyday, from a pilot to politician, from a mechanical engineer to a cycle mechanic. Stepping into college reminded me that  a clarity of thought with regard to my passion, aim and career was necessary, because you need to opt the appropriate stream and it is difficult to do so unless you know what you want to do next. As a science enthusiast, I willingly took up science, and after a talk with my parents, I ended up taking biology as my optional subject, purely out of my gut feeling.

What was really difficult for me was to convince people that I took up biology, only because I had a good experience with it till my tenth and I thought knowing a little of life sciences would not throw me at the mercy of doctors, every time (No offense, doctors. 🙂 ). While I have always wanted to do engineering and not even look towards MBBS, people would still feel that I was trying to keep my options open. Not that it was not the case, but it was not the entire truth. I even wrote AIPMT and CET biology just to challenge my classmates and to see where I stood.

Then, why did I take a subject which I probably did not want to consider as a career option? Taking Electronics or Computer Science would have given me a better edge. The answer was a bit hard to express but I finally found it. I saw Life Sciences as a key to understand myself, understand my own environment, understand my own creation, sustenance and destruction, understand the very reason for my existence and evolution. I also realized that appreciating the subject will help me appreciate the value of life, and I am really happy today for being a better person, valuing life and its purpose more than ever before. And that is why I will never regret making this choice.

But what really came to me as a surprise was how this subject fortunately helped me crack KVPY in my II PUC. It was then that I deeply understood something. Life gives you a lot of opportunities, at every instant of time. It is for us to decide what we must do at each of these junctures. Listening to yourself after weighing in all the pros and cons is the most we can do to lead a life without regrets. And worrying of the consequences of a decision once it has been made is completely pointless. All we can and should do is look at the bright side of it.

Look at the sun, your shadow will be behind you. Look away from the sun, and your own shadow will create darkness where you look. I have understood that the same applies to life.

Will meet you soon with my next blog!!!

Karthik K R

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