The Martian

Every time I sat in front of my computer to start writing a new blog, I would start with “And it’s been a really long time”. I’ve used it in so many of my drafts, I realized it’s time I come back, for sure. So the title might seem either quite obvious or quite weird to my readers. And I assure you, I’m no astronaut. Well, I just happened to watch another beautiful movie all alone and thought it would only be more cool if I shared it with you again. By now, “The Martian” should have flashed in your mind.

The last review that I wrote seemed to give away a lot of the story despite me trying not to. I’ll be more careful this time. Like the last one, this movie, I happened to watch alone. I never went to the cinema with the idea of writing a review later. But then, soon after the movie got over, while I was standing in the queue to give back the 3D glasses, I heard two people conversing about the movie, and to my dismay, one of them said, “This was just like Rajinikant’s Robo(t)”. And that was when I decided to write a review on this one.

There are few key aspects which come into the picture with regard to the movie. They are:





Most of the times, if not all, the main basis of evaluation of a movie comes down to its plot and its cohesion. Now, the plot of this movie, was inspired by a novel written by Andy Weir under the same title. The plot did not have that uniqueness in it, mainly because it reminded me of the movie “Gravity” at the core concept. It’s only natural that when we associate one thing with another, we also begin to anticipate similarly which affects a large part of the experience. The finer details of the plot, however was something very interesting and it only enhances the movie’s appeal.

Up next we have the “Acting” part of the movie. Ticket booking sites and the theatrical trailer clearly talk about the protagonist being stuck all alone in an uninhabited planet. And in such movies, the actor is alone in most of the scenes and this is when his/her acting skills take a new dimension. To understand this, we’ll consider the situation. On the shooting sets, clearly the whole crew will be present. But during the shot, the actor has to bring that feeling that he is all alone in a deserted place and act out the solitude and that was a great job by Matt Damon. Also, timing becomes a very important factor in any movie. The jokes were extremely well-timed. The whole team did a great job.

Further, coming to the cinematography, it was a surreal experience. The scenes were shot with Wadi Rum(Jordan) as a backdrop, which gives a convincing feel of Martian aridity.The scenes have been pictured wonderfully and each scene adds to the appeal and enhances the connect. The equipment that has been showcased adds to the appeal of the scenes. Since a large part of the movie could have been graphic work, the portrayal of the land and the man could not be better than this.

Lastly, speaking of graphics, it definitely is the winner in this movie. But, as it happens with all Hollywood movies, the level of expertise is, frankly, expected from the movie and it delivers it in the right proportion. I haven’t got any words to tell more.

Overall, this movie was a great experience. The message that we carry back home as audience is what makes a movie like this successful. Patience, Perseverance and Prayers always work. It was great meeting you all again.

Until next time.

Karthik K R

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