An Ode To Love Unrequited

Isn’t it ironical I call you that, when you don’t even know I exist?

The day you walked in through the gates of the college, everyone turned to you, praising your flawless beauty, while I stood in utter silence, knowing words can never live up to what you were, yesterday, today, or tomorrow.
Alas, you never noticed.

The next day, seeing you walk into the class, the doors to my soul opened. You quietly sat, two benches in front of mine. You said “Hey” to everyone around you, while I looked down in fear, knowing I was never worthy of you, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Alas, you never noticed.

Two days later, seeing you laugh in the canteen, my cheeks went red. You blushed too, when your friend leaned in to tell you how amazing you are and how comfortable you get with your friends, while I stood smiling, knowing you already live cozily in my heart, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Alas, you never noticed.

One week later, seeing you at the club auditions, I thought I finally had a chance. You mingled with everyone there too, while I stood in one corner, hoping you’d find me, if not yesterday, today, and maybe, tomorrow.
Alas, you never noticed.

A semester later, when you walked into the exam hall, I prayed. I prayed for your one glance at me; one glance for me to muster enough courage to wish you to do well. But you sat next to me, losing yourself to the stress, while I sat, losing myself in the deep trenches of your eyes, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Alas, you never noticed.

Today, four years later, I stand here, giving a speech to the entire college, for being successful. As my life laughs at the irony, my eyes wander to spot you, while you sit in the audience, holding hands with the man YOU love, your eyes moist and red, with a smile on your face. You did not notice me, not yesterday, not today, and tomorrow, you won’t.
Alas, I still love you.

Karthik K R

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