My Last Wish


Yes, you. You weren’t my first. There have been people before you. Yet, you made me forget every one of those. You stood between me and my firsts, reminding me that they aren’t worth it. You taught me that firsts don’t last.

Like that last scene of a Marvel movie that leaves the audience wanting for more, unlike the opening scene that’s only eye candy, you were more beautiful saying the last goodbye than the first “Hi”.

Like that last jar of jam Monica gave Joey, which he sure kept for long, I believed I too could hold on to you, only to find out I was wrong.

Like that last sip of coffee, bitter, but with a lasting aftertaste, your words left me in pain, but drove me forward every day.

Like that last slice of your favorite pizza, for which you’d wage a war, even with me, I only thought you were rightfully mine, and I only fought with you, for you.

Like the last kid in the school bus, who frantically looks at every house, to see if it was his home, I look for you in every person, for you are forever my home.

Like the last picture friends click before they leave college, to keep with them as a souvenir, I smile every time I remember, that my shattered heart was a souvenir from you.

Like that last ticket to home that miraculously appears after you lose all hope, you were the wonder that made me alive again, when all seemed lost.

Like that last mile of the journey, when the path seems more pleasing than the destination, walking with you felt better when we didn’t know where we were going.

Like that last note of a song, that lingers in the air, till it reaches your heart, your voice calls out to me, the song is not over yet.

Like the last breath before death, when every single memory flashes in front of the eyes, each time that I look at you, I’ve wanted it to be my last.

And maybe that’s why, although I might never remember what my first wish ever was, you will always be my last. For it takes a fool to erase the beautiful memories of the dusk, when he knows the night is long and the sun may never rise again.

Karthik K R


  1. Hey! I really enjoyed reading this. If I were to be picky, avoid starting a sentence with but. But, you are a writer and you do have an artistic licence so don’t sweat it. Your piece has a beautiful air to it but you lose me when I read “gang clicks”. The words themselves sound a bit juvenile and weak when compared to the rest of your work. Aside from that this passage is written very well and is quite lucid. Your words come across as very profound. I look forward to reading more from you.

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