The Perfect Date


Time was ticking slowly when I turned my wrist around,

Truth be told, such restlessness within, never I had found.

To calm my nerves, I decided to drink a little water,

Trying to avoid the gaze of the suspicious waiter.


A hundred questions began to race past my mind,

And with every gaze, it was you I tried to find.

All hope seemed lost, before you walked through the door,

Ah! You were a sight for eyes that were sore.


It was only a week ago that I had asked you out,

I really had expected you to slap, or at least shout.

I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised to hear a muffled yes,

I could only smile, but was overjoyed nevertheless.


Five days ago, in an attempt to find the perfect place,

Food reviews of every Italian place I did chase.

Finally I found this restaurant with a lake view,

Finest in the city was the wine that they’d brew.


With less than two days to spare,

Worried was my heart about what I should wear.

Was it the white shirt? Did black look the best?

Wearing the right colour was now the ultimate test.


The sun rose to a morning of doubt and fear,

There was nervousness inexplicable in words mere.

Tempted as I was to go into hiding,

That restaurant called to remind me of the special evening.


It was about quarter to six, when you called me up,

I still can’t believe you’d think I’d stand you up.

It was an hour’s drive to Italy’s Heartbeat,

I grew more restless with every passing street.


As you walked towards me, of nothing was I more sure,

A connection from the cosmos, simple and pure.

A million times, to your endearing smile I had fallen,

And every one of those times, my heart you had stolen.


While I left the world behind to wander in your eyes,

Within my heart, there was fear on the rise.

Well, as we awkwardly waited for the fries,

Was probably the waiter that evening, who really broke the ice.


For someone constantly running from his own heart,

Feelings begin to sound like a knife that could tear me apart.

For a change, that evening, I laughed to my heart’s content,

Forever with you, suddenly seemed a little less distant.


Two drinks, laughter and a dinner later,

The bill came in the hands of our waiter.

The weather outside was unimaginably cold,

Thank the heavens, for it gave me strength to do something bold.


As we walked, with your hand in my hand,

Again, time slipped from my hand, like the golden desert sand.

Although every moment with you, in my heart would be etched,

A single thought of losing you was enough to leave me wretched.


My face fell when the time for goodbye was here,

My heart, at that instant, made its intentions clear.

Magically, the night’s spell cast around us, an enchanted bliss,

Maybe it was the perfect date, because of you, and that reassuring kiss.

Karthik K R

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