How To Fall Out Of Love


Start drinking.

It’s the easiest way to forget her.

Your senses dull, your pain fades, and with it, her memories.

She’ll become a blurred image of a dream that cannot turn to reality, and soon enough, you’d have fallen out of love.



Lock yourself up.

In your room, in your mind, or in your heart.

Isolation will drive you to insanity, and slowly, you’ll lose your own self.

When you don’t exist, your feelings cease to exist, she’ll leave you emotionless, and you’d have fallen out of love.



Torture yourself.

It’s more painful than death.

Punch the walls till your knuckles bleed. Bleed till you can write her name on your walls.

When her name slips from the recesses of your soul and gets etched on to those walls, you’d have fallen out of love.



Shut yourself out.

Be insensitive to everyone around you.

Be that monster you would have turned to, if she hadn’t rescued you at the right time.

When your own demons consume you from within, you’ll be a husk without a soul, and you’d have fallen out of love.



Stop listening to music.

Don’t throw your earphones away or remove music apps.

Just delete every song except the ones that reminds you of her and the ones you sung together.

She will devour you every time you listen to those songs; to spare yourself from this punishment, you’ll fall out of love.



Start writing.

Write about her so much that she turns into a beautiful muse.

Write of how she left, how she walked away while you watched, in every poem, in every prose.

When you finally manage to write one stanza about moving on after she left, trust me, you have fallen out of love.


And seven,

Learn to fall in love again, this time, with someone else.

Let me tell you why it is the hardest and most painful way out.

She will teach you to listen to her eyes.

She will teach you that love is about truth, not lies.

She will teach you that moving on isn’t a sin.

She will teach you to fight the demons within.

She will teach you to forget the pain.

She will teach you to smile again.


When she runs her fingers through her hair, when she laughs at your jokes, or talks about her dreams she had when she was five, you’ll realize that she is your happiness.

When you’ll realize that your happiness is sitting right in front of you, all your vile heart can do is push her away, and search for a shadow that long walked away into the horizon of emptiness.

And in the fear that the monster within you would hurt her too, your conscience picks one of the easier ways.

But if you have chosen to reach for the new-found happiness, you have found a new lease on life; you no longer have to fall out of love.

Karthik K R

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