A Night To Remember

I sat by the gloomy lake, wondering if it was indeed, the right choice.

“Close your eyes, jump and in seven seconds, the pain shall end,” said my inner voice.

In the obscurity of the dusk, when even shadows turned away from the darkness within me,

She walked with me, into the sunset, where she finally set my demons free.


As she looked at me with the warmth of a blazing fireplace,

I wonder if there’s anyone who hasn’t fallen for her grace.

It took just one look into her deep, brown eyes,

She could ruin a man – healthy, wealthy, or wise.


I forgot pain, I forgot grief, I forgot heartbreak, I forgot sorrow,

When she held my hand in the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

I whispered to her, “I want to give up. There’s no way I can survive this fight,”

She kissed me and said, “Honey, if we survive this night, we just might”.


She rested her head on my shoulder as we dreamt of the crescent moon,

In my heart, the fear had begun; this night would slip away soon.

She now stood in front of me, her icy palms caressed my face,

“Fear not my darling, the night is still young,” she says.


I chose to embrace fate’s offering, as I wrapped my hands around her waist,

Her kiss could not have been more perfect, for my lips still remember the aftertaste.

She took my hand, and pulled me to the terrace. I saw childlike excitement in that look.

The moon blushed and hid behind the clouds, as we danced to the song of the gushing brook.


“Don’t fall in love with me, you’ll regret it when I fade away,” She whispered in my ear.

I smirked at the irony of her words when she said, “Tonight, let’s conquer your deepest fear.”

And suddenly, with the shadows of the night, a scary silence began to flirt,

She could listen to my heart beat, as she unbuttoned my shirt.


It wasn’t long before our shirts found their way to the floor.

Yet, the most difficult part was to take off the insecurities we wore.

We walked till the table was against her hip. I ran my fingers along her delicate spine,

She let out a soft moan, pushing over that bottle of wine.


I could feel the warmth of her breath as my lips brushed against hers,

“Tonight,” she said, “you are the poem, I am but a verse.”

She wrapped her legs around my waist; the most compelling of all cages,

And in that moment of captivity, I found my salvation; that which took aeons for sages.


I held her by the waist, turned around, and carried her back to the comfort of our bed,

“Time is running out, honey. And soon, I shall leave,” she said.

I began to kiss her at the lips; I made my way down through her slender neck and then to her shoulder,

She shut her eyes, tugged my hair, and moaned a little harder.


As I stopped to catch my breath, she smiled and pulled me closer,

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and in one swift move, turned me over.

She rested her head on my chest, she closed her eyes, and like an angel fell asleep,

With her in my arms, insomnia walked away, I could now finally welcome sleep.


The next morning, I heard the door shut close, and woke up with a start.

A part of me knew this was to come, yet panic flooded through my heart.

She hadn’t left a voicemail, or a message, or a note… the hell, not even a goodbye.

“Maybe fate had meant for our paths to cross this way,” in regret, I let out a sigh.


But then, my friend, you must understand,

She is like a river, in one place she cannot stand.

The longer she stays, the harder it is for your heart to cope,

Be prepared, she leaves without warning, and that’s why, they call her “Hope”.

Karthik K R

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