Who Is She?

Like the freshly condensed morning dew,
Her eyes glisten with a shade of blue.
Strands of hair sway to the western winds,
Her voice is a soliloquy the koel sings.

The sun rises to hear the robin chirp her name,
Her magnificence puts the jungle’s king to shame.
The way trumpet vines overpower the trees of spruce,
Her ambition urges eagles to choose truce.

Like the peacock treading a measure for his swain,
Watching her pirouette, the clouds wish they’d rain.
A warm glow lingers along the path to the lagoon,
For her invigorating scent makes the fireflies swoon.

Like Eden, which selflessly bore fruits for each creature,
Her kindness transcends beyond past, present and future.
Like the circle of life that brings the forest’s fabric together,
She is complete in every way, now and forever.

The scrolls hidden in tree trunks boast stories of the wise,
There is magic in the forest air, and in her eyes.
When she lies down in the meadows, galaxies stir,
Each comet that catches her glimpse, wishes upon her.


Like the quiet abyss of the sea
Instigating a feeling of dread.
On days, her eyes are filled with
The emptiness of the ocean bed.

The way oceans wreck ships
Like it were a plaything,
On days, she is a storm
Engulfing everything.

The chasms house monsters
Far worse than the Lochness,
On days, she summons neither
Kindness nor forgiveness.

The breaking waves warn the shore
To retreat and never come back,
On days, she is the hurricane
Wreaking destruction and havoc.

The ocean nurtures life
And shakes a leg with death,
On days, she’ll feed you hope,
On others, she’ll end your breath.

Uncertainty and fear
Lurk deep down in the sea,
I often ask myself this question,
Who really is she?

Karthik K R


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